Leading Japanese publisher Kadokawa Corp., which suffered a massive cyber attack last month, announced on July 2 that a hacking group had leaked more information the company had.

Kadokawa said they are investigating the matter but it will take time.

The company said the group, “BlackSuit,” added a link to a description of criminal activity on the “dark web,” where it is very difficult to identify the source of information in the first day.

Kadokawa suffered a major system failure early on June 8.

Data on the server was encrypted by the ransomware and the company’s business was affected, officials said.

The cybercrime group released a statement on June 27 claiming to be behind the attack.

The next day, Kadokawa confirmed that information on contracts with business partners, as well as personal information of all employees of its subsidiary, Dwango, had been leaked to outside parties.

In the statement, the group claimed to have hacked into Kadokawa’s network in early June and downloaded 1.5 terabytes of data.

The group demanded a ransom to stop releasing the stolen data and to restore the encrypted data. The group announced it would release all data if payment was not made by the July 1 deadline.

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