We all know how there are apps that let you take pictures of your food and calculate calories. Well, hold on to your forks and spoons because researchers at the University of Waterloo are taking it to the next level! According to Sky Newsthey are working. A.I Which can monitor every bite you take to track your calorie intake. Yes, you read that right! This high-tech system will work with forks and chopsticks too! Can you imagine your dishes watching over your every meal? Well, the future is here!

This new technology assesses the nutritional value of your food by analyzing videos of your squats! “We’re moving towards using these big language models like Chat GPT […] To understand what is in the food or perhaps ask a basic question. [like] ‘Is it chicken?’ Yuhao Chen at the University of Waterloo in Canada told New Scientist, according to Sky News.
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Talking about the benefits of this technology, Yuhao Chen added, “Many times, especially for people who eat at home, the dish may not have a name. It may just be what’s available in the fridge. Be what they put together.”

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“Current […] Food portion The estimation algorithms assume that consumers take photos of their food once or twice,” say researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada.[This] can be uncomfortable and fail to grasp food items that are not visible from a top-down perspective, such as submerged ingredients in a stew.”

According to the researchers, this new AI tracking system can calculate your food intake with just a 4.4 percent margin for error.
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Currently, the system does not recognize the food on your spoon. Trainers are teaching him how to identify what you’re eating. Once fully developed, the system should be able to recognize a wide range of foods, including ones it hasn’t seen before.

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