According to reports, Apple will add Google’s Gemini AI to ChatGPT for iOS 18 this year. The company has confirmed that it will partner with OpenAI and add ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, to the operating system. Apple also revealed that they will not limit themselves to just ChatGPT and will soon bring more options for other chatbots in other versions of the operating system.

According to Bloomberg, Google’s Gemini AI will also be integrated with iOS 18, which will be introduced later this year. Apart from this, the tech giant may also introduce Anthropic’s Claude AI in its smartphones. The report revealed that if the timing is right, Apple may offer both Gemini and Chat GPT until Intelligence is fully developed.

Notably, there were some reports that suggested the iPhone maker might delay some AI features until late 2024 or early 2025. These AI features, which may be delayed until late 2024, will be added to the Mail app and Swift Assist for Xcode. It has also been revealed that most of Siri’s AI features will only be available in 2025. The report also confirmed that Apple was never talking about integrating Meta’s Lama 3 into iOS 18, despite multiple reports suggesting the same.

Additionally, it has been learned that the US-based tech company plans to introduce a subscription model for its AI tools and features in the future. Initially, Apple plans to offer these tools and features for free on iOS 18 supported devices. However, later on, they will charge for them because they have a long-term plan to monetize the AI ​​features that will be available on Apple.

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