Ola chief Bhavesh Agarwal recently met Arm CEO Rene Haas in Taiwan following the shift of Ola’s workloads from Microsoft Azure and AWS to its own native cloud platform, Krutrim.

“Great meeting Rene Haas, CEO of Arm in Taiwan. There are many exciting things to enable AI compute for India! Agarwal posted on X.

Krutrim, India’s first AI unicorn, launched recently. Krutrim AI CloudIts own cloud platform for enterprises, researchers and developers. Recently, Agarwal said Bengaluru has the world’s largest talent concentration for semiconductors outside of the US Bay Area.

“But no one is working on an Indian chip. The problem is not talent. Agarwal said. “We have to build that platform…to build a full-stack compute in India,” he added.

Krutrim Cloud provides access to the latest AI computing infrastructure, Basic models of Crotrim, and other open source models such as Meta’s Llama 3 and Mistral. The platform will enable developers to run and build LLMs that are currently offered by other cloud service providers.

With this development, Ola Krutrim will compete with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. This platform has been tested by all. Strong revenue growth in recent quarters,Driven by the growing demand from businesses and enterprises of various sizes.

The company also announced Model-as-a-Service (MaaS) and GPU-as-a-Service offerings, allowing access to its core models and AI compute infrastructure.

British chip designer Arm Holdings anticipates this. 100 billion arm devices According to Haas, who made the announcement at the Computex Forum in Taipei on Monday, the world will be ready for AI by the end of next year.

Moreover, the company aims to achieve more than that. 50% of the Windows PC market In five years, Microsoft and its hardware partners are preparing to launch a new batch of computers based on the British firm’s technology.

In India, recently HCL Tech Partnered with Arm. to create custom silicon chips for AI workloads.

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