OpenAI has introduced its official iOS app, allowing users to easily access their popular AI chatbot on iPhone. The app is free to download and use, and it syncs chat history with the web version. Notably, the iOS app also supports voice input, powered by OpenAI’s open-source speech recognition model called Whisper.

The ChatGPT app allows users to sync their chat history across devices. It also includes integration of Whisper, an open-source speech recognition system, which enables voice input.

OpenAI ChatGPT iOS App 1

ChatGPT Plus subscribers on iOS receive special privileges, including access to GPT-4’s enhanced capabilities, early access to the latest features, and quick response times. The ChatGPT app provides instant solutions, customized advice, creative inspiration, professional feedback, and educational opportunities.

You can access trusted information, get help, discover inspiration, increase productivity, and learn new topics, all in one app.


ChatGPT app is ready to download for iOS. Application Store The company said it will be available in the United States and more countries soon. Additionally, the company has confirmed that the Android version of the ChatGPT app will be released soon.

Announcing the iOS app, OpenAI said:

We want to make ChatGPT better and safer by listening to what users have to say. With the ChatGPT app for iOS, we’re getting closer to our goal by turning new research into helpful tools that empower people, while making them easy to use.

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