Parliament Session 2024 Live Updates 'Nationwide Arrests': PM on NEET Case

Parliament Session Day 7 Live: This is the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha after its constitution.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is responding to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address in the Lower House of Parliament today.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda will also make a statement on the status of implementation of the recommendations or observations contained in the 143rd and 154th reports of the Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare on demands for grants related to the MoHFW.

On Monday, Rahul Gandhi delivered his maiden speech with a copy of the constitution and images of religious figures, including Lord Shiva – a scathing attack on the BJP and its ideological patron, the RSS.

Here are the live updates of Parliament Session 2024:

“Arrests are being made across the country over NEET. The Center has already made a law. Necessary steps are being taken,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said, “Congress opposes all reforms that strengthen the country.

PM Modi said, “Everyone knows how weak the army was during Nehruji’s tenure. He created a culture of corruption since the country’s independence.”

PM Modi said, “They play with religious idols for politics.

“Their entire ecosystem has made it a fashion to abuse Hindu culture,” PM Modi said

“His allies compare Hinduism to malaria and they applaud. The country will never forget,” PM Modi said.

On Rahul Gandhi’s Hindu comment, PM Modi said, “This is your culture, this is your thinking.

“An attempt is being made to make false accusations against Hindus,” the prime minister attacked the opposition.

“The Congress party is openly creating new narratives and making new plans every day to pit one caste against another… It was clearly announced from various platforms that if the result they want, If not achieved, the country will be set on fire on the 4th. In June, the people will gather, anarchy will be spread, and these appeals will be their goal in large numbers.

PM Modi said “Congress has always lied on reservation and constitution”.

PM Modi said, “You keep smiling even in difficult situations. But what happened yesterday should be taken seriously to save the dignity of the House. We cannot avoid them by saying ‘Balak Budhi’. Because their cynicism.” There are intentions,” PM Modi said.

“They lied on Agnivar, they lied that MSP is not being given,” said PM Modi.

“They lie on reservation, EVM, Constitution, LIC, HAL,” said PM Modi.

“People are checking their bank accounts,” PM Modi took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi.

“A new drama to gain sympathy. They know most of them are out on bail in corruption cases. They had to apologize for making irresponsible statements on the Supreme Court,” PM Modi said in a scathing attack on the opposition. He said.

“They created chaos on CAA,” PM Modi attacked Congress.

PM Modi said that Congress is spreading chaos in the country.

“Congress’s 99 seats are the result of the efforts of its allies. That’s why I call it a parasite,” PM Modi said.

“These elections are a message to Congress allies. It will be known as a parasitic Congress,” PM Modi said.

“A student got 99 marks and was showing it, then his teachers said it was 543 not out of 100,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi criticized the Congress saying, “This time, they somehow won 99 seats”.

“This is the third major loss for the opposition. But, they think they have defeated us,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said, “There was a mandate for the Congress in these elections, the mandate was that you sit in the opposition.”

PM Modi said, “BJP has opened its account in Kerala this time.

PM Modi said, “Six months ago, we won in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

“Assembly elections were held in four states along with the Lok Sabha elections. In all these states, the NDA registered a landslide victory,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said, “I have said this before, our third term means we will put in 3 times more effort, it means we will get 3 times the results for the people.”

PM Modi said, “In 10 years, we have taken many steps to empower women.

“We will move towards a modern India, but we will be on the ground,” PM Modi said.

“In 10 years, we managed to bring the economy from number 10 to number 5, now we will take it to number 3,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said, “Today India has big goals. India is now in a situation where it has to confront itself and move forward”.

PM Modi said that the wall of Article 370 was demolished and democracy was strengthened.

PM Modi said, “Today’s India conducts surgical strikes. Today people of the country know that for their security and safety, India can do anything”.

“The country gave us an opportunity to serve them in 2014 and that was the beginning of its development,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said that before 2014 there was an era of scams after scams.

PM Modi said, “We will work 24×7 for the 2047 Vakshat Bharat Plan.

PM Modi’s speech in Parliament amidst chants of ‘Justice for Manipur’ by the opposition.

PM Modi said, “In these elections, we went to the government with a big resolution, to seek their blessings. We sought their blessings for the Vaikshat Bharat resolution.”

PM Modi said, “Elections have proved how mature the people of this country are.”

PM Modi said, “We worked for satisfaction and not for appeasement.”

“Our government is trying to move forward with the slogan ‘Sabha Saath, Sabha Vikas’.

“The world is watching the country with pride. All our decisions had one measure – India first,” PM Modi said.

“People saw our ten-year track record. People saw our efforts for the betterment of the poor,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi briefly stopped his speech amid commotion by opposition members in Parliament.

PM Modi said, “I understand the plight of some people who lost elections even after spreading lies.

“People elected us in the biggest election exercise in the world,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said, “Today and yesterday, many MPs expressed their views on the President’s speech. I would like to mention the speeches of those who are first-time MPs. They kept the rules of the House in mind. I expressed my thoughts while keeping.”

PM Modi said that the President has explained the concept of the West Rashtra in his speech.

PM Modi responds to the motion of thanks in the Lok Sabha.

Prime Minister to reply to the Motion of Thanks in the Lok Sabha
Prime Minister to reply to the Motion of Thanks in the Lok Sabha

The government is using two crutches of TDP, JD(U): Opposition

Opposition members on Tuesday said the “arrogance” and “vindictiveness” of BJP leaders during the election had eroded the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who now has to rely on allies to provide a stable government. has to

Participating in the debate on the motion of thanks on the President’s address, Trinamool Congress member Kalyan Banerjee said that the recent Lok Sabha elections had ushered in a change in the country which now has “an unstable government and a strong opposition”.

Abolish NEET or clear Tamil Nadu bill to exempt state from exam: DMK demands in Rajya Sabha

DMK Rajya Sabha member P Wilson on Tuesday urged the central government to either scrap the medical entrance exam NEET or pass Tamil Nadu’s NEET exemption bill to exclude the state from the competitive exam. .

His plea in the Upper House of Parliament comes amid a controversy over alleged irregularities in the conduct of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to medical courses. During the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha, he said that the State Legislative Assembly had passed the Tamil Nadu Medical Courses Admission Bill 2021 and subsequently unanimously passed a resolution against the examination. and to address the “NEET” threat.

BJP MP Bansuri Swaraj served a notice under Directive 115 in the Lok Sabha on LOP Rahul Gandhi’s speech.

“LoP Rahul Gandhi made several false statements in his speech yesterday…” he said.

In the bus Prime Minister Narendra Modi will respond to the motion of thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha at around 4 pm today.

Parliament Live Updates: Akhilesh Yadav speaks in Lok Sabha.
Here are the highlights of Akhilesh Yadav’s speech:

  • The election results are a moral victory for the India Bloc.
  • Poll results are a message of responsibility for the India bloc.
  • Elections have put an end to communal politics.
  • Why are paper leaks? The truth is that this government is doing it so that it does not have to give jobs to the youth.
  • Even if I win 80 out of 80 UP seats, I will not trust EVMs. The problem of EVMs will never end.
  • Ayodhya’s victory is a democratic victory for India’s mature voters.
  • Census is essential for social justice.
  • The soldiers can never accept the Agnipath scheme for recruitment

In the bus Debate on motion of thanks on President’s address in Lok Sabha begins

In the bus Debate on motion of thanks on President’s address in Lok Sabha begins

Several parts of Lok Sabha LOP Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the House yesterday have been deleted.

Among the removed sections are his comments about Hindus and others apart from PM Narendra Modi-BJP-RSS.

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