08:06 (IST), July 8

PM Modi Russia Visit Live: Russian artists prepare special Kathak performance for PM Modi’s visit to Moscow

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares for his two-day official visit to Moscow starting July 8, an exciting community program is being organized to celebrate the cultural ties between India and Russia. The highlight of the event will be performances by Russian artists who have dedicated themselves to learning and mastering Kathak, a classical Indian dance form.

The community gathering, which will take place on July 9, is particularly noteworthy as it coincides with PM Modi’s visit to Russia, at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin, for the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit. This coordination indicates the deep relationship between the two countries.

During the event, Russian artists will take to the main stage, showcasing their skills in Kathak, a skill they have acquired through years of practice at cultural centers. Natalya, one of the participating Russian artistes, expressed her excitement, saying, “I have been learning Kathak dance for the past 7 years, and I am very excited to finally perform my favorite art in front of PM Narendra Modi. Delighted. His visit to Moscow signifies the strong ties between our two beloved countries.”

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