The Prime Minister Narendra Modi He is expected to speak in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, a day after his two-hour long address. Lok Sabha. While the proceedings of the Lok Sabha were adjourned. sine the After the Prime Minister’s speech on July 2, the Rajya Sabha will continue debating the motion of thanks on the President’s address last week in both houses of Parliament on July 3.

A heated exchange is expected between the ruling and opposition Members of Parliament (MPs). Rajya Sabha During PM Modi’s address on Wednesday. During the Prime Minister’s speech in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, the opposition MLAs kept shouting slogans.

PM Modi continued His speech Amid chants of ‘Justice for Manipur’ and ‘Bharat Judo’ by opposition members in the Lok Sabha. The Prime Minister accused the Congress and its ‘ecosystem’ of ‘conspiracy’ to insult Hindus and falsely claim that Hindus are violent.

gave The Prime Minister He urged Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to take strict action against what happened on Monday, which he said was a “slap on the wisdom of our people and our great national traditions.” Without naming Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister referred to the Leader of the Opposition’s (LOP) speech in the Lok Sabha on July 1 in which he attacked him. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for an alleged ‘attack’ on the idea of ​​India.

As in his first speech Leader of the Opposition In the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi displayed posters of religious figures including Lord Shiva to target the ruling party. A portion of Rahul Gandhi’s speech remarks were expunged from the record of Parliament on 2 July.

The first session of 18th Lok SabhaIt held seven sittings beginning on June 24, with 539 Lok Sabha members taking oath or affirmation in the first two days. Rajya Sabha proceedings are also expected to be adjourned indefinitely after PM Modi’s address on Wednesday.

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