Prince Harry And Hugh Grant One will be featured ITV Documentary Focusing on ongoing legal battles and involvement in a phone hacking scandal Tabloids on trial.

The Duke of Sussex alleged that he was targeted by journalists and private investigators working for newsgroup Newspapers (NGN) titles. the sun And now defunct News of the Worldwhich was closed in 2011. Prince’s lawyers in May A London judge said That he can’t expand the privacy lawsuit to include allegations against the media mogul Rupert Murdoch and presenter Piers Morgan.

In 2011, news broke that some of Britain’s biggest stars and personalities were allegedly victims of a scandal in which top media outlets were fitting up properties with landlines and listening devices in the name of journalism. NGN has denied any illegal activity. the sun.

Grant, ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne, and singer-songwriter Charlotte Church will also be featured in the documentary claiming their privacy was breached by the tabloid press. (Given The case of illegal espionage was settled. in April).

In December, Justice Timothy Fancourt ruled in Prince Harry’s favor in a 386-page High Court ruling. He said the phone hacking, which happened to the prince in 2003, was “massive and habitual”. Mirror Group Newspapers — and the executives there had it covered.

ITV News’ Rebecca Berry will sit down with Prince Harry for his first major interview since legal proceedings began as the documentary “continues his mission to expose the illegal practices of Britain’s tabloid press”. hears about, and discovers who is in charge of the flat.

The program will air on Thursday 25 July on ITV1 and ITVX.

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