A group of “gay-loving hackers” has targeted right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation — which is behind Project 2025 — by releasing its users’ passwords, usernames and user logs.

Activists known as SiegedSec posted nearly two gigabytes of data online that it said was obtained from the foundation’s servers.

The hacking of the influential policy group on Saturday came as it made headlines with its controversial Project 2025 document, which is intended to guide a future Conservative administration. Change the federal government completely. with a far-reaching right-wing agenda.

In a Telegram post Tuesday by SiegedSec, the group of self-described “gay-loving hackers” wrote: “Project 2025 threatens abortion health care and the rights of LGBTQ+ communities in particular. . So of course, we won’t stand for it!

Hacker software laptop
Hacker software open on computer screen, 16 Dec 2021. A group of hackers targeted right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation in protest against its controversial policy proposal Project 2025.

Silas Stein/dpa

The post included a screenshot of lines of Foundation user data and a link to a database believed to contain passwords, email addresses, and full names of Heritage Foundation website users. including civil servants and think tank president, Kevin Roberts. .

It said it also accessed more than 200 gigabytes of other “mostly useless files” that it said would not be leaked.

Newsweek The Heritage Foundation was contacted by email outside business hours for comment.

SiegedSec is an established cyber activist group that has been targeted before. States against abortion.. This is the second time this year that he has targeted the Heritage Foundation. It also claims to be hacked. NATO and Israel-related targets in protests against the war in Gaza earlier this week.

The group wrote “Dear Heritage Foundation, contact us! We will make fun of you: 3 love, loveable gay hackers <3."

The 900-page Project 2025 contains policy proposals covering a wide range of topics involving nearly every branch of the federal government, including several proposals that, if implemented, would address LGBTQ+ issues. Protections for people will be withdrawn and it will become more difficult for women. Have an abortion.

In relation to LGBTQ+ rights, Project 2025 Labor seeks to end discriminatory protections that broadly apply to LGBTQ+ people from 2020. Supreme Court I decide Bostick v. Clayton County, Who ruled over a person. Can’t be fired for being gay or transgender.

Project 2025 recommends that the federal government interpret. Bostock Only in relation to hiring and firing practices rather than discrimination in the workplace.

It advises that the incoming Conservative administration “guide. [labor related] Agencies should focus enforcement of sex-discrimination laws on the biological binary meaning of ‘sex.'” It says the same agencies should repeal regulations that currently treat people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Bans discrimination for the sake of discrimination, effectively allowing workplace discrimination against homosexuals. Also wants to bar transgender people from the military.

In the foreword to Project 2025, Roberts describes the “toxic normalization of transgenderism” and the “ubiquitous propagation of transgender ideology.”

In relation to abortion, Project 2025 seeks to limit access to abortion in several ways. It seeks to withdraw mifepristone — used in 60 percent of American abortions — from the market. Project 2025’s policies support general pro-life views, including the belief that life begins at conception and that abortion should not be classified as health care. However, it does not support a federal abortion ban.

In the foreword, Roberts writes that a conservative administration must “do everything possible to protect the newborn in every jurisdiction in America. The next conservative president in particular must work with that.” Congress To enact the strongest protections for newborns that Congress would support while deploying existing federal powers to protect innocent lives and strictly complying with the statutory ban on federal funding of abortion.

Despite ex-Pres Donald Trump DISCLAIMER OF ANY LINK TO PROJECT 2025Questions have been raised about how many of his policies could be implemented if he wins the November election. Trump and Project 2025 are “one big MAGA operation,” the Democrat’s spokesman said.

Dozens of people who contributed to Project 2025. Previously served in the Trump administration.Including project director Paul Dance as well as high profile. Republican Peter Navarro And Ben Carson.