WhatsApp Since the last two months, it has been introducing artificial intelligence based features to its users. Now, the popular messaging app has taken this technology a step further with the introduction of The AI ​​function automatically generates user images..

Recently WhatsApp was introduced. Meta AIa tool that allows users to Create images from text And chat with the AI ​​to clear any doubts. Now a new beta version of WhatsApp will include a feature that will allow users to create photos based on their own. According to WABetaInfo, version of the application displays an information card announcing this feature. According to this card, WhatsApp will only need a photo of the user, a simple selfie. From this image, Meta AI can generate several images based on the user’s instructions within the application.

“This feature allows you to take a selfie once and then ask Meta AI to create AI images of you,” the info card notes. To make a picture, that’s it Type “Imagine me…” in the Meta AI chat or use the command “@Meta AI imagine me…” In other WhatsApp chats.


It’s still not clear what. Privacy Protection Measures Meta will apply in this case, but it is assumed that no one will be able to take pictures of them without the user’s permission, and that the AI ​​model will only respond to specific commands to take pictures. Will this be the case in the end?

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