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  • Spotify is raising the prices of Spotify Premium for the second time in as many years.
  • The new individual plan costs $11.99, a dollar increase, while Spotify Premium Duo and Spotify Premium Family see higher increases.
  • This year’s price hike is controversial because of Spotify’s removal of CarThing support and the company’s failure to ship hi-res audio support.

In the early days of streaming, price hikes were few and far between, but now they’re more like an annual occurrence. Sure enough, Spotify announced on Monday (June 3) that it will be raising Spotify Premium prices for the second time in as many years. As a result of the change, Spotify Premium will cost more than its two main competitors, Apple Music and Tidal. The price increase covers all Spotify Premium tiers, excluding the discounted student rate.

Spotify announced the move in a News for the newspaper, as well as in emails to subscribers. “So that we can continue to invest and innovate in our product features and provide the best customer experience, we occasionally update our pricing,” the company said. “During the next month, subscribers in the US will receive an email (pictured below) explaining what this update means for their subscription.”

(Image credit: Spotify)

The Premium Individual plan now costs $11.99, a dollar higher than the old rate and a dollar more than comparable Apple Music and Tidal plans. Spotify Premium Duo has increased by $2 and costs $16.99 — the old price of the Spotify Premium Family plan. Premium Family will now cost $19.99, an increase of $3. The numbers are consistent with an April report that speculated prices were on the rise.

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