If you saw the tweet from ESPN baseball insider Buster Olney That the Phillies were trading for White Sox outfielder Louis Robert Jr., you’d be forgiven for thinking it was legit. All things considered, it follows the exact format that Olney might use when breaking trade news and comes from his verified account. Even the WIP account fell for it, posting Now deleted tweet Celebrating the “news”.

When the account’s previous posts included “I hate METS” and “Well, if I get an unlimited prison sentence, who’s gonna come and get the panties?” It was clear that something else was going on.

“Whoever runs our Twitter account is so dumb, it’s not even funny,” WIP’s Jake Fritz said on air. “Buster Olney’s Twitter account has been hacked for most of the day. The guy who hacked it just tweeted that the Phillies traded for Louis Roberts Jr. and we’ve got ‘Breaking News, afternoon WIP for live reaction. Tweeted like ‘Sno’.

Olney was hacked on Monday at X, formerly known as Twitter. While the hacker initially only posted a few videos and some … unsavory content, they quickly asked who hacked it. An opportunistic Yankee fan asked him to tweet “I hate the Mets” and the hacker was on the run.

Afterward, the hacker continued to take notice from fans in the replies, posting several fake trades, including one involving Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor to the Oakland Athletics — at a time when technically the challenges should have been realized as well. That the jig is up. The A’s would never accept the deal.

The hacker also tweeted that Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani has been banned for life for gambling and will serve life in prison. Ohtani’s former translator, Ippei Mizuhara, pleaded guilty last week to gambling-related tax and bank fraud, and will be sentenced on October 25.

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“I’m deleting everything. Don’t tell Buster what happened, okay?” the hacker posted a final poll.

Baby, that ship’s gone. But it made for a much more entertaining hack than if they’d just posted about Bitcoin, or the iPad, as most hackers usually do. The hacker quickly changed his mind, asking Olney’s followers to send him tweets he could share with the most likes before logging off the account.

One of the last posts said that the Orioles were being moved to Las Vegas, and that the A’s would remain in Oakland. Another said the season would be canceled due to COVID. One shared a photo of former A’s general manager and current advisor to A’s owner John Fisher, Billy Beane, with the caption, “I love this guy.”

The hacker’s last tweet before signing off?

“Guys, we had fun together, I think delete your nasty tweets, this person might sue you when you wake up”. “I don’t want to see someone I had fun with in prison, I’ll be sad not to see him.”

We sure had fun together, Buster Olney Hacker. But now let’s have the experts break down the baseball news.

ESPN did not immediately return an Inquirer’s request for comment Monday.

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