YouTube is testing a new artificial intelligence (AI) feature for its minute-long vertical video format, Shorts. Dubbed Dream Screen, the feature will add a custom AI-generated green screen image to videos. This feature is likely aimed at users who prefer creative backgrounds to be featured in videos or thematically linked to video content. This is an experimental feature of the video streaming giant and is currently only available to a select group of Shorts creators.

YouTube Shorts gets an AI background feature.

A video sharing platform owned by Google Posted About the feature on its support page on Monday. “We’re experimenting with a new feature, DreamScreen, which uses AI to create an image greenscreen background for shorts,” the company said. YouTube did not say which AI model is being used for this feature.

Users, once accessing Dream Screen, can write a text prompt describing what they want in the background. Highlighting one example, the post states that users can request a “fancy hotel pool on a tropical island,” and the AI ​​will instantly prepare it. Once created, it can be added to the background of the video.

The short post described the feature but did not explain many aspects of it. For example, it did not mention whether the background needs to be added at the recording stage or whether it can be added to pre-recorded video as well. Further, it is not known if users will need an actual green screen to show the effect, or if it can be added digitally like Google Mate. Notably, the company also did not specify any restrictions on creating AI images. It is possible that these directions appear on the Dream Screen feature page.

Being an experimental feature (features that Google is currently testing or in beta), Dream Screen is only available to a select group of Shorts creators. However, the company has highlighted that more creators will get the tool after 2023. Separately, the video streaming platform has made its Playables feature available to all users. It provides access to over 75 different free-to-play games previously only available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

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