Andrew Ngthe founder of DeepLearning.AI recently launched a New course On Building Single- and Multi-Agent LLM Applications Using Lang Graphs.

LangGraph is a framework within the LangChain ecosystem designed expressly for building AI agents using a graph-based approach. It allows developers to visually structure complex interactions and workflows, making them easier to manage and understand.

Modular design and reusable components can reduce development time. Up to 30%. The tool facilitates stateful interactions, maintains context across sessions, and supports the integration of external APIs and tools, improving the capabilities of AI agents.

It also allows for multi-agent collaboration and provides features such as user authentication and conditional intervention, enabling a more controlled user experience.

Here are some simple and user-friendly tutorials to help you build AI agents.

AI Agents in Lang Graph

Deep Learning AIThe newly launched course ‘AI Agents in Lang Graphs’ will help you learn how to use Lang Graphs to build controllable agents and integrate agent exploration to enhance agent knowledge. should be done so that there are query-based responses in predictable formats.

will be taught through the course. Harrison ChaseKCEO Lang China; And Red whiteKCEO They melted.. Attendees will gain insight into applying agentic memory for better reasoning and debugging, and see how human-in-the-loop input can guide agents at critical junctures.

In this course, one will learn how to create an agent from scratch and then reconstruct it using LangGraph to understand the framework. Finally, they will be able to create an essay writing agent that incorporates all the information gained from the session.

Langgraf: Build Your Own AI Financial Agent Application (Beginners)

This The lesson Ideal for those new to building financial agent applications with LangGraph who want to use AI for finance. It will walk them through creating tools, assigning an agent, and managing their interactions through a graph.

Additionally, they will be able to integrate Gradio to create an interactive user interface. It will help them access real-time stock prices, recent financial news, detailed reports, and historical data of companies, all in one application.

Langgraf 101

This video session provides in-depth information about LangGraph, from a basic introduction to more complex LangGraph agents for creating graphs in the framework. You will learn how to create agents with Lang Graph and OpenAI.

Hands-on with Langgraf Agent workflows

This video provides a comprehensive tutorial on creating a LangChain coding agent using LangGraph. It starts by explaining the basics of managing conversations manually with OpenAI + Tools and then explains how to handle the same workflow with a custom agent built with LangGraph.

The tutorial demonstrates how to integrate these tools into an agent workflow, synchronizing them through a graph structure.

Build Computing Olympiad agents with Lang Graphs

This video The meeting Teaches you how to create an Olympiad programming agent using Lang Graphs. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to create agents in LangGraph, advanced techniques like reflection, retrieval, and human interaction.

In this tutorial, we create an Olympiad programming agent using LangGraph.

Building an AI Agent with LangGraph Llama 3 and Groq

This The lesson Focuses on integrating custom tools into your LangGraph agent to extend its capabilities. You’ll learn how to use the Llama 3 model to increase your agent’s performance and intelligence, and use Groq’s powerful hardware to increase computational efficiency.

Leveraging LangGraph’s graph-based structure to manage complex interactions, it will help you design and implement workflows for your agent.

Build a customer support bot using Lang Graph

This session will help you build a travel assistant chatbot using LangGraph. You’ll be introduced to a variety of reusable techniques that apply to developing any customer support chatbot or AI system that uses tools, supports multiple user journeys, or advanced Control is required.

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