Otter Co-op has not been hacked, CEO Jack Nicholson insisted, as news began to spread about the Federated Cooperatives Ltd cyber security “incident”.

“Our card locks are currently not on, but we are serving our guests,” he assured The Langley Advance Times. “Otter Co-op has not been the target of a computer hack.”

Otter Co-op Federated Co-operatives Ltd. is one of the members dealing with an IT hack that has forced the closure of the card-lock fuel system, website, and some FCL retail services to its members across Western Canada.

Otter, based in Aldergrove but with stores and gas stations around the area, posted a notice on its Facebook page in late June.

“Federated Co-operatives Limited, a supplier to your local co-operative, is experiencing a cyber security incident affecting some customer facing systems at local retail co-ops and cardlock fuel locations. As a precaution, we have shut down some of our systems and brought in third-party experts. Our teams work to resolve this issue.

Another concern related to computer hacks is the theft of customer information.

According to a statement from Federated Co-operatives Ltd, “In response to your data queries, we currently have no evidence that customer data has been compromised. If investigation reveals that customer data was compromised, we will take appropriate action.”

Nicholson said consumers expressed concern over the story that appeared online Wednesday morning and emphasized that it was Federated, not Otter, that was affected by the cybersecurity incident.

He said Otter’s card-lock customers can get fuel, including dyed fuel, from gas bars and Otter is still delivering fuel at the contracted price. He advised any customer to contact their support.

The FCL hack is affecting Otter’s website as well as related sites such as www.otterco-op.crs and www.angryotterliquor.crs, www.food.crs, www.co-op.crs, and www.shop.crs Is. FCL said there may also be issues with inventory for its members.

Based in Saskatoon, FCL is a wholesale, manufacturing, marketing, and management cooperative owned by more than 160 independent local cooperative associations – like Otter. These local co-ops own and operate agro centers such as Otters Feed Store, food stores, gas bars, convenience stores, and home centers from British Columbia to Saskatchewan. Otter recently opened a small grocery store in Cloverdale.

FCL provided an update on Wednesday, July 3.

“We are making significant progress in restoring some operations. The cyber security incident has slowed some aspects of our business, but we are prioritizing delivery of critical grocery items and consumer goods to local co-ops. We are working to recover from this incident, but ask for your patience as we continue to work our way back to regular operations,” FCL said in its statement.

“Co-op cardlock fuel locations were heavily impacted by the cyber security incident, but our teams continue to get more cardlock fuel pumped every day. A key priority is to get all cardlock locations up and running as soon as possible.” To be brought online soon. We want to reinforce this fuel. Supply to Co-operative Gas Bars is relatively unaffected, and customers can fill up at all Co-operative retail locations.

“We want to thank our partners, customers, and the public once again for your patience and understanding. As a member-owned and community-facing cooperative retailing system, we all Appreciate your support more than ever and keep you updated.”

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