Another useful new feature could be coming to WhatsApp (Image: Getty)

After weeks of testing, WhatsApp has just released another new feature for the messaging app – disappearing voice notes that can only be heard once.

Voice messages were first introduced in 2013, and have since become an essential tool for many users, who send messages on the go or when old-school text just won’t cut it.

In 2021, WhatsApp owner Meta introduced ‘View Once’ for photos and videos, meaning that once the recipient opened the message, it disappeared forever.

The move was seen by some as a big step for privacy – meaning photos or videos could not be forwarded – but by others, as unwanted explicit content being shared and then disappearing. In the case of.

By adding a ‘view once’ feature to voice notes, users will have the same level of privacy, knowing that the message can only be heard once, and cannot be sent to anyone else.

And it works both ways, with the person sending the voice note never being able to listen to the recording again – bad news for more gullible users who want to double-check how they sound.

You can now send voice notes that are missing.
You can now send voice notes that are missing.

Previous reports have suggested that the View Once feature will be introduced to text messages as well, but there is no further word on when, or if, the functionality will arrive.

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How to Send a WaveOne Voice Note

  1. Open the chat you want to send a message to.
  2. Tap and hold the Microphone app to start recording
  3. Slide up to lock recording.
  4. Tap the 1 symbol to enable View at once.

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