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  • Your first Samsung Galaxy Watch may be unable to install apps next year.
  • TizenOS support highlighted the changes coming to the operating system for Reddit users starting next year.
  • The first changes will happen in September this year, and all TizenOS-powered smartwatches will be affected.

Samsung’s first Galaxy Watch shipped with Tizen OS, followed by the next batch of Samsung smartwatches featuring the same operating system. It’s been a while since Samsung cared about Tizen OS – as most new ones come with WearOS. The Korean tech giant looks like it’s officially pulling the plug next year.

Oh Reddit user who spoke with Samsung’s Galaxy Store Operations team (via Android Authority) revealed some interesting details about Tizen OS and its future support for Galaxy Watches released before the Watch 4 series. Basically, the Tizen service “will only be available until September 2025,” the team noted, citing the Galaxy Store’s policy.

Samsung is dropping Galaxy Store support for Tizen watches. From r/GalaxyWatch

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