A Japanese influencer sparked controversy online when he recorded his two-year-old daughter in a hot car to boost his social media traffic. South China Morning Post. The uproar began on May 24 when he and his wife, identified as “raunano_family” with nearly 58,000 subscribers on YouTube, posted a video titled “My Distressed in a Car Under The Burning Sun”.

The father said he recorded the video when he went to pick up his son from kindergarten with his two daughters. Notably, the mother was away. During the journey, she left two-year-old Nanoka in the back seat of the car and locked the door. However, Nanooka accidentally locked himself inside the car when he was going to put the little daughter on the other side of the back seat. Instead of calling for immediate help, she began filming her child’s emotions, yelling, “It’s an emergency! Nanooka is locked in the car. The car is locked and she can’t get out!”

In the clip, the two-year-old is sweating and crying in the hot car as his father tells him how to open the door. After recording the tape, the father decided not to inform the police and called a locksmith who managed to rescue Nanoka.

According to the outlet, the child was kept inside the vehicle for about half an hour. It is not known if the incident had any long-term effects on his health. The video was widely criticized online, forcing the couple to apologise. gave said the impressive couple that he was “very sorry for making a video that made everyone uncomfortable”.

“Does the money you make risking your child’s life make you feel good?” said one user. Another “Parents are crazy. I’ve been through a similar situation, and at that time I was heartbroken and so nervous I felt like I wasn’t even alive. On their phone,” one user said. said

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