Four Indians were arrested. PrincetonNew Jersey, at Human trafficking Charges Acting on a welfare call, authorities uncovered a forced labor operation operating out of Collin County. Although the arrests were made earlier this year in March, the Princeton Police Department is now releasing details of the investigation.

Police in New Jersey bust forced labor operation, arrest four Indians

Four Indians were arrested in Princeton, New Jersey, earlier this spring on charges of human trafficking (X, formerly Twitter/ @sudhakarudumula)

On March 13, police responded to a call in reference to welfare concerns and a “suspicious situation” at a home on the 1000 block of Ginsburg Lane. According to an affidavit, a pest control company that inspected the home for possible bed bugs informed authorities that “3-5 young females were sleeping on the floor in each room.”

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More than a dozen people are involved in the forced labor scheme, Princeton Police Sergeant Carolyn Crawford said. “I’d probably say more than 100. Easily,” she said, adding that more than half of them are victims, per Fox 4. Four Indians—Chandan Dasireddy, 24, Dwarka Ganda, 31, Santosh Katkuri, 31, and Anil Mard, 37—were arrested and charged with people-trafficking.

The police further said that the victims included both men and women who were working as programmers. Although the authorities did not reveal the true nature of the alleged shell companies, they seized several laptops, phones, printers and fake documents during the search of the house.

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“It was very unique how we got through this situation,” said Princeton Police Chief James Waters, who had been working on the case for months, adding, “It was just a lot of other leads. And many other scenes will be revealed. Going out there.” He later learned of several other forced labor sites in the cities of Princeton, Melissa, and McKinney.

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