Seagulls are notorious for their food snatching skills. Videos are shared on social media all the time in which birds use their speed and technique to take food from humans. This video of a livestreamer and how birds stole his sandwich adds to the list.

Seagulls are pictured attacking and snatching a woman’s sandwich while she was live streaming. (screen grab)

gave video A woman sits near a body of water and opens up to live streaming. She opens the sandwich wrapper and says, “It’s not bad, I guess.” Just then a bird comes flying towards him, and many others soon join him. Horrified, the woman screams and throws away the sandwich – and the birds leave her alone to concentrate on the food scattered on the ground. Bystanders come forward to offer their help and ask him if he is okay. In the end, she laughs at her situation.

Watch this viral video here:

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Since being shared, the video has gone viral. Viral on social media. So far, it has amassed over 5.2 million views, and the number is only growing. This share has inspired people to post diverse comments.

What did x users say about this video of merciless birds?

“The fact that they laughed at it too,” joked one X user. Another added, “The whole gang pulled this sandwich as soon as they saw it.”

While one person posted, “Imagine trying to eat your sandwich and then see birds flying at you,” another wrote, “In the birds’ defense, it was a very tasty sandwich. They Didn’t skimp on the meat.”

This is not the first time that people have been tormented by seagulls. Videos on the Internet show how birds make last-minute sweeps to steal food from unsuspecting people.

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