A recent viral video has sparked controversy as the debate over human involvement with wildlife continues to grow globally. The video has caused outrage online as it shows a careless safari goer throwing a plastic bag into the jaws of a hippo. Many social media users have appealed to the authorities to take strict action against the man.

The incident took place in a safari park in West Java, Indonesia. In the viral footage, a hippo can be seen on the edge of its enclosure in the water, its mouth open. A man is seen trying to feed carrots to the animals from a car near the wall. However, another passenger in the car throws a plastic bag into the hip’s mouth, and the animal starts chewing on it.

Authorities are now tracking down the male visitor after he was caught on video. “We have identified the license plate of the vehicle carrying the man. We urge him to issue a public apology to remind other visitors of standard operating procedures at Indonesian safari parks,” park spokesman Alexander Zulqarnain said. “Lessons can be taught about compliance.” The Jakarta Globe on Saturday.

“We have gathered information from our guards and security cameras at the park. The guards told us that this particular guest was scolded several times for opening the window in the tiger area,” he added.

According to the official, since wildlife laws protect all creatures in the sanctuary, mistreatment of them can have legal ramifications.

Moreover, the hip has been examined and is in good health.

Since being shared, the now-viral clip has amassed over 2 million views and 14,000 likes on X (formerly Twitter).

“This has pissed me off more than any video I’ve seen today, I know that much,” said one user.

“Straight to jail,” said another.

“I hope they get caught and arrested!! It can kill a hippo!!” Another person commented.

“Humans are disgusting and who allows animals to be fed on safari,” said a fourth user.

“It’s an attempted hippo kill, sorry,” one person said.

Another noted, “This is why all animals are going extinct.”

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