Oh Japanese man Identified as I touched There’s a lot in the news these days. The reason: He made headlines in 2020 when he got an extremely realistic one Dog suit A worth of INR 12 lakhs made itself to convert into one Border collie. More recently, he said he now wants to change into other animals like a bear, a panda, or more. But, it is noted that Toko is not alone. In fact, in 2023, another Japanese man spent 3 million yen (roughly Rs. 2 million). The wolf!
meet up Toro Yodaa Japanese engineer, who prefers to relax after a busy week dressed in a wolf suit because it helps him escape the troubles of being human.“When I put my clothes on, I feel like I’m not human anymore,” the 32-year-old told the UK Times. “I’m free from human relationships. All kinds of worries, about work and other things – I can forget about them,” Toro told the UK Times in an earlier interview.
Like Toku who wears a dog suit, Toro gets his giant wolf suit made by the company Zeppet, known for creating highly realistic costumes for movies and TV series. According to reports, Toro met. ZippetThe team exchanged more than 40 e-mails with him three times to share his views personally. And while Toru wanted his wolf suit to look realistic, he also wanted to be able to walk in it. So his suit is like a wolf standing on its hind legs. A team of three Zippet employees developed Toro’s wolf suit in about seven weeks.
“At the final fitting, I was shocked to see my transformed self in the mirror… My order to ‘look like a real wolf walking on its hind legs’ was difficult – to say the least – but the complete suit was perfect. It looked just like I imagined,” Toro said of his wolf costume.


Photo: Zippet website

Speaking about turning into a wolf, Toro also said, “When I look in the mirror, I see a wolf, and it moves a lot. I’m not a werewolf—it’s kind of a monster.” , and I’m not a monster.”
Meanwhile, psychologists say that people like Toko and Toro—who like to transform into animals—indicate that they might be therians. Word TherianDerived from the Greek, it is used for people who identify themselves as non-human animals.

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