Thousands of people gathered at Marine Drive in Mumbai recently to participate in the victory parade after Team India won the T20 World Cup. As expected, visuals of fans celebrating the win went viral, but various videos and photos after the event shocked people. They showed a sea of ​​shoes scattered all over Marine Drive at night. However, when locals visited the site in the morning, they were not greeted with a shocking sight, and it was all thanks to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) sanitation workers who were on hand to clear the mess. Worked all night. Highlighting his efforts, Anand Mahindra shared a post on X. He praised the BMC for clearing all “traces” of the massive parade overnight.

Photo shows sanitation workers cleaning shoes left on Marine Drive after the T20 victory parade. Anand Mahindra reacted to this. (X/@ivaibhavk)

Anand Mahindra Reposting a video shared his post praising BMC. This was originally posted on X by Vaibhav Koket. “Many thanks to the sanitation workers of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The sanitation workers cleaned the Marine Drive area before the citizens woke up to celebrate the World Cup victory. The Marine Drive area last night was filled with thousands of shoes. And the workers were busy removing the garbage till morning. We all have to thank these workers, one One night and one morning,” he wrote.

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gave video Each corner opens to reveal shoes scattered throughout the area. It then catches the BMC workers cleaning the place. As the video moves, it shows a morning scene with clear roads.

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra reported on this X-share and wrote, “Well said Veibhu. I couldn’t agree with you more. I was wondering how long the cleaning would take. The @mybmc team worked through the night to clean up all traces of the obviously massive parade. This is what makes a city a global city. Not just the infrastructure… but the attitude,” she concluded her post with clapping emoticons.

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With nearly 1.4 lakh views, the share has garnered another 3,200 likes. People reacted to the share by posting various comments.

What X users said about Anand Mahindra’s post on BMC?

One person wrote, “The cleaning workers worked tirelessly throughout the night, ensuring that by the time we got out, the city was back to its original, pristine condition. Their dedication and hard work is truly impressive.” And we should all thank them. So, let’s give these incredible workers a round of applause. They are true champions!

While one wrote, “BMC has done a great job,” another added, “As Indians we should have more civic sense and be responsible for not littering the city.”

Team India defeated South Africa in a nail-biting match on June 29 to lift the prestigious T20 World Cup trophy. The team is then stranded in Barbados due to Hurricane Barrel. The team reached New Delhi on July 4, where they met PM Modi at his residence. On the same day, he left for Mumbai to take part in the victory parade held to celebrate India’s T20 World Cup win years later.

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