Washington: The three-day meeting of the world’s strongest military alliance has begun. Washington The DC on Tuesday pledged to strengthen the partnership and maximize cooperation in its war with Ukraine on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. Russia. At the same time, all eyes are on the host, the American President Bidenof which Re-election The bid is threatened by a growing perception that he is frail and aging fast, and that the shadow of his Republican rival, Donald Trump, looms behind him. Trumpwho has often threatened to dismantle NATO and is seen in many quarters as unpopular.
The global geostrategic gathering came against a backdrop of domestic US political drama even as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Moscow attracted negative notice. A State Department spokeswoman said Washington had “expressed directly with India our concerns about relations with Russia.” But there was a strong reaction from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, who on Monday posted photos of a children’s hospital in Kiev that had been hit by a Russian missile, tweeting, “This is a huge disappointment and A devastating blow to peace efforts. The world’s greatest democracy embraced the world’s bloodiest criminal on such a day.”
For the moment, though, NATO leaders are more concerned about the outcome of the US president’s struggle to salvage a re-election campaign against critics of his own party and the liberal elite outside it. The ongoing conflict witnessed further drama on Monday when it was revealed that a neurologist with Parkinson’s disease had visited the White House eight times in the past eight months, a logbook revelation that rattled the US political cage. was
The White House eventually clarified that Dr. Kevin Kennard, a neurological specialist, had indeed performed Biden’s annual physicals, but not beyond that. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the president’s physician, said in a statement that many of his visits are related to regular neurology clinics at the White House Medical Clinic in support of other White House officials.
“Many military personnel experience service-related neurological problems, and Dr. Kennard regularly visits WHMU as part of this general neurology practice,” he added.
O’Connor stressed that Biden’s last physical showed no signs of Parkinson’s, which he detailed in a Feb. 28 letter, and that the president had “been seeing a neurologist outside of his annual physical.” Did not see.”
That explanation did little to assuage the concerns of a growing band of Biden critics in the Democratic ecosystem who believe the 81-year-old president is physically in control of the White House and possibly the Senate and House. The stronger will hand over to Donald Trump. One critic noted that “July is not February,” suggesting that the president is rapidly slowing down and will not be able to effectively lead the country for four years even if he wins the November 2024 election.
On Tuesday, TV networks outed doctors who specialize in Parkinson’s, including one doctor who said he is a Democrat, telling NBC News that Biden would definitely be diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s. The symptoms are showing, and he should withdraw from the race in the interest of the party. Country.
Physician Dr. Tom Pitts said Biden was showing “classic features of neurodegeneration,” including word-finding difficulties. stiffness, including loss of arm swing; standing up robotically; shuffling trick; and low, hypotonic monotones, among others.
Minutes will be scrutinized for any signs of those symptoms over the next three days, during which Biden — bigger than the NATO alliance itself — will appear in public several times, including a closing press conference on Thursday. Even Biden’s supporters are longing for a more powerful and charismatic leader to lead them, but it’s not certain the 81-year-old president could pull that off even if he wanted to.
Any verbal and physical missteps will be magnified and magnified by TV cameras and talking heads, potentially leading to the end of Biden’s bid for a second term — and possibly NATO’s too if Nov. His opponent wins.

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