Ben HardyBBC period drama The woman in white Now trending. Netflix.

The series, based on the book of the same name by Wilkie Collins, was first released in 2018, and stars Oscar– A Midwar Jesse Buckley And Mission: Impossible 2K. Dougray Scott.

The story centers on young artist Walter Hartwright (Hardy) as he encounters a ghostly woman dressed in white before being transported into a mysterious world.

A woman in white

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The woman in white Recently added to Netflix, and has already proven quite popular, trending in the top 10.

to speak To Digital Spy When the original series premiered, Hardy explained that the show was “a very different take on the story” and that it was “more and a little more down to earth”.

“There are some differences – with any adaptation there are always some differences,” he explained.

“It was hard, I loved the book, I married him. I found it hard… any minor disagreement, I would argue sometimes! I would say, ‘But in the book…’ but I just He had to let go.”

A woman in white

BBC/Original Images

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The actor originally rose to fame as Peter Bellon EastEndersin 2015 and recently relinquished that role. He opened up about his decision to quit the soap..

“I was struggling for a year with how to make things work. I have so much respect for everyone who works on this show. [but] I felt sluggish as an actor,” he said free.

“I found myself constantly going, ‘This scene doesn’t work,’ like I was trying to make a diamond out of something that couldn’t be a diamond. That laziness scared me. [said]’I have to get out of here.’

The woman in white Now streaming on Netflix.

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