President Joe Biden appeared in his “Do or Die” interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos after his disappointing debate performance on Friday. The interview comes amid backlash over his performance in the first presidential debate, and calls to step aside from 2024. The White House race

Joe Biden was asked “Did you watch the debate afterwards?” By ABC’s George Stephanopoulos (X).

Despite reassuring supporters about his mental and physical well-being, Biden once again appeared to be losing track. Did the interview help the Commander-in-Chief allay concerns about his second run? Well netizens say a “big no”.

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During a primetime interview, Stephanopoulos asked Biden — “Did you watch the debate afterward?”

“I don’t think I did, no,” Biden replied. Instead of giving a straight yes or no answer, he went on to explain how he prepared for the debate against Donald Trump.

Biden takes heat: ‘You don’t deserve the job’

Biden’s cryptic response drew a backlash on social media, with the Trump campaign targeting him for not responding directly.

“How could you not know if you watched the debate again?” Shocked Trump Campaign spokesman Steven Cheung on X.

Media personality Tommy Stallings criticized the 81-year-old POTUS for “I don’t think I answered,” saying that “that’s as bad an answer as he would stop having events after 8 p.m. — for God’s sake — He is “President of the United States – a 24/7 job.”

“And if you can’t remember if you’ve seen the worst debate performance in modern history, you don’t deserve the job,” he added.

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Criticizing Biden, publicist Diane Mentovalos wrote on X, “It should have been an expected question, to which he could have answered: I saw the clips. Or: Not completely, but understanding people’s concerns. Enough for.”

“Besides, if he hasn’t seen it, that in itself is careless. A conscientious executive takes an hour or two to assess performance. What does he do all day? Bananas.”

In the last debate against Trump, Biden Mumbled, confused and lost train of thought while answering questions. Meanwhile, an aide to Biden said he was suffering from a cold, raising concerns among Democrats about his health. Several Hollywood and other high-profile donors have stopped funding the Democratic Party in an effort to push Biden out of the race.

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