Over the past year, The Biden White House The residence reportedly saw frequent visits to a Parkinson’s specialist, as records indicate at least nine consultations. The revelation comes amid a major shift in the presidential race, with pressure mounting on POTUS to consider stepping aside. Multiple reports suggest that concerns about President Joe Biden’s declining physical and cognitive health weigh heavily in the consultations, raising questions about the party’s withholding of information.

The top neurologist met frequently with President Biden.

President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign rally at Sherman Middle School in Madison, Wis., Friday, July 5, 2024, as Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers looks on. (AP)

A top one, according to the New York Post Washington DCThe neurologist known for his expertise in Parkinson’s disease met with President Biden’s personal doctor at the White House earlier this year. Records of that meeting, reviewed by the outlet, show regular meetings between the neurologist and Dr. Kevin O’Connor, plus two other doctors, at the White House Medical Center on Jan. 17. Undergoing an independent medical assessment during an interview with ABC.

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Additionally, visitor records show that Kennard made eight visits. The White House From August 2023 and only once before 2023. Seven of those trips, including one in late March, included talks with Megan Nesworthy, who serves as an intermediary between Walter Reed and the White House. (Kennard has worked with Walter Reed for nearly 20 years).

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Dr. John E. Atwood, a cardiologist at Walter Reed, also participated in the meeting among top experts. These gatherings likely focused on President Biden’s health, given Dr. O’Connor’s important role in managing it.

According to the Post, Kennard has served since 2012 as an “assistant neurology specialist for the White House Medical Unit.”

Biden rejected the proposal for an independent health review.

The president’s campaign for a second term has been marred by public disagreements and a series of physical behaviors that have not escaped public or media scrutiny during recent appearances. His loud voice and constant backbiting while mixing up the facts has created a silent rebellion in the party itself. Even so, the president refused to conduct an independent review and show the results to the public before the election, saying “Why would I give an exam?” “I take a cognitive test every day.”

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These issues have encouraged opposition leader Donald Trump to criticize the president’s fitness to remain in office. Although Dr. O’Connor has given President Biden the thumbs up during his annual checkup, there are still concerns about the president’s mental health. Claims by people like Rep. Ronnie Jackson suggest there may be an attempt to cover up the president’s deteriorating health.

“I believe he and Jill Biden have a cover-up. Kevin O’Connor is like Jill Biden’s son — she loves him. It’s crazy. Kevin O’Connor is on the job on day one of the Biden administration. were because they knew they could trust Kevin to say and do anything and cover up anything that needed to be covered up, they were part of the Biden family,” he previously said.

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