A mechanic sucked into the engines. Boeing plane at Iran’s Chabahar Konark Airport in a horrific incident earlier this month. According to reports, Abulfazl Amiri was dragged into the engine of a Varish Airlines Boeing 737-500 when he approached the plane to collect a tool. The engine was on for a test run.
The plane arrived from Tehran at 7:15 a.m. local time on July 3 and passengers disembarked when the right engine was started for a test run. On the plan the cover flaps were open and a protective area was created around the engine. As always, Bild reported.
The mechanic went back when he realized he had forgotten a tool on the engine and it was sucked in before the engine caught fire. After the fire brigade reached the spot, it was reported that their remains were recovered.

“On the morning of July 3, one of the Verish Airlines experts, due to the need for investigation and analysis by air accident experts at the crash site during the pilot’s power-up, suddenly found himself in the air suction of the engine intake. Found in the path and pulled into a CFM56-3 turboprop engine installed on a Boeing 737, died instantly,” according to a source, cited by aviation media outlet Aviation.be.
This is not the first time a person has been trapped in a plane engine. In May, a man died after being trapped in the engine of a KLM Cityhopper Embraer E190 at Amsterdam’s main airport. The incident occurred in front of many passengers who heard an “disgusted noise” as the man was sucked into the engine. “There was a terrible incident in Schiphol today in which a man fell into the engine of a moving plane. Sadly, the man died. We welcome the passengers and employees who witnessed this in Schiphol. “The situation is currently being investigated. We are contacting the Royal Military Police for more information as soon as it becomes available,” the airline said in a statement.

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