Thousands of teachers from government primary and upper primary schools in Uttar Pradesh have protested against it on social media. Basic Shiksha ParishadDecision to implement digital attendance system. The hashtag #boycottonlineattendance has been trending on X (formerly Twitter) for the past two days, garnering over half a million tweets. This massive online protest has raised concerns among the top officials of the education department.Teacher Concerns on Digital Attendance
According to X posts, the main complaint of teachers is that they have to digitally mark their attendance, including their location, 15 minutes before the start of regular classes. The online teachers claimed that the rules required them to reach their schools by 7:30 am and mark their attendance between 7:45 am and 8:00 am before classes began.

Challenges in remote areas
Teachers say that poor internet access in remote villages makes it difficult to mark online attendance. During the rainy season, many schools are inundated, making timely attendance even more difficult. Teachers fear that late arrivals due to these issues will result in being marked absent and the leave will be cut.

Department response and teacher response
In response to the backlash, the Department of Basic Education tried to appease teachers through social media. He assured that teachers can mark their attendance. Top 30 minutes late and only need to explain the reason for the delay. However, this has not completely removed teachers’ concerns.

Demands understanding and flexibility
Teachers expressed their frustration with the new system and stressed the need for understanding rather than strict enforcement. One teacher’s post highlighted the importance of solving problems rather than suppressing dissent.

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