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Amazon identifies women’s boxer shorts as a ‘viral trend’

are the days of thin And so uncomfortable underwear behind us? Well, for now, anyway, since trends come and go. But Amazon’sPopular at the momentThe page has identified a new viral trend: Women’s boxer shorts. Apparently, loose, comfortable underwear made from cotton and similar natural materials is on trend right now, and we’re so into it.

This is especially big news as temperatures continue to rise across the country during the peak summer months. Thus, there is nothing like a comfortable, flowy dress in the heat. Boxer shorts It’s a genius to help prevent common summer problems like sweating and chafing. It makes us wonder why we never embraced them in the summer before.

In this article: Ynocfri Women’s Pajama Shorts, Yoawdats Women’s Y2K Lounge Shorts And Wirarpa Women’s Boxer Briefs Cotton Underwear

The best thing about boxer shorts is that you can wear them alone – as casual shorts to complete a casual summer outfit. Or you can wear them as pajama bottoms or underwear. These are versatile dresses that are comfortable no matter how you choose to wear them. And they come in many styles, from solid colors to patterns and from loose-fitting to skin-tight bike shorts that can be worn under form-fitting clothing. No matter what type of comfortable underwear you’re looking for, you can find a pair to suit your needs in this trend.

Buy some trending women’s boxers and stay comfortable all summer long

Ynocfri Women's Pajama Shorts

Ynocfri Women’s Pajama Shorts

More than 900 of these loose, comfortable shorts have been purchased in the past month. Reviewers say they make great sleep shorts or comfortable bottoms.

Yoawdats Women's Y2K Lounge Shorts

Yoawdats Women’s Y2K Lounge Shorts

Over 1,000 Amazon shoppers have purchased these soft, stretchy-waisted shorts in the past month. Choose from over a dozen gingham patterns.

Wirarpa Women's Boxer Briefs Cotton Underwear

Wirarpa Women’s Boxer Briefs Cotton Underwear

Over 200 buyers have purchased these women’s boxer briefs in the last month. With their long inseam, they are perfect for avoiding summer thigh chaff.

Hanes Women's Mid Thigh Boxer Brief Pack

Hanes Women’s Mid-Thigh Boxer-Brief Pack, Stretch Cotton Underwear, 4-Pack

Over 1,000 people have purchased the women’s boxer briefs in the past month. Soft and flexible and available in a four-pack, it’s an affordable way to try this trend.

NUFIWI Women's Y2k Pajama Shorts

NUFIWI Women’s Y2k Pajama Shorts

Over 200 buyers have bought these gingham patterned boxers in the last month. They have a loose fit and elastic waist.

Amuver Women's Y2k Pajama Shorts Micro Button Boxers

Amuver Women’s Y2k Pajama Shorts

Looking for a comfortable pair of boxers? Join over 300 shoppers who have bought these plaid shorts in the last month. As a bonus, they’re currently on sale for under $12.

Wirarpa Women's Boys Panties Cotton Boxer Briefs

Wirarpa Women’s Boy Shorts 4 Pack

Over 1,000 shoppers have purchased this four-pack of boy shorts in the past month.

wirarpa women's cotton boy shorts underwear

wirarpa women’s cotton boy shorts underwear

More than 2,000 people have bought the bike shorts in the past month, which are perfect for work or to wear under summer clothes to avoid chafing. They come in packs of four.

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