Hashtag #DontStreamOnMax Max’s parent company Warner Bros. went public on X on Monday ahead of the annual stockholder meeting for Discovery.

Started by a fan collective known as Adopt our staffthe hashtag campaign was created on June 3 and spread across X, Instagram and Tumblr — just in time for Warner Bros. Discovery. Annual stockholder meeting. Since our staff adopted the initial tweet, more than 22,000 X posts have been created with it. #DontStreamOnMax the hashtag.

Max, formerly known as HBO Max, is a subscription streaming service that offers content from Warner Bros., HBO, Discovery Channel and other brands. It also offers original programming called Max Originals.

The name was inspired by “Adopt Our Crew”. Our flag means death., A period romantic comedy series about pirates. Its exhibitor announced in January that it would not be returning for a third season, prompting the group to band together to keep their likability strong despite the show’s end — and to advocate for the series to start somewhere else.

Members of the group told Yahoo Entertainment that their mission now extends beyond the show. They are “dedicated to elevating any stories”, and the #DontStreamOnMax campaign is “the result of months of frustration as too many shows and movies have been canceled or shelved without sufficient explanation.”

The group says. Our flag means death. It had “excellent reviews, high streaming numbers, incredible social media buzz” and was promoted as a “flagship original” for Max.

“If Our flag means death. Can’t succeed, what can happen? We’re not the only consumers who’ve been burned,” Adopt Our Crew members said. “Seeing the complex, flawed, beautiful, weird stories as they’re portrayed. Our flag means death. It changes lives and creates society.”

Although the campaign started with fans. Our flag means death It has come to represent something much bigger. According to 2024 Where Are We On TV Report From the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), 36% of all LGBTQ characters Will not return to television shows – 17 of these characters were in canceled Max shows, and 8 of them were on Our flag means death.

Use hashtags to draw attention to posts. The importance of representation And Considered a failure. On behalf of the streaming service to prioritize fresh and diverse content.

There are Macs and other streaming platforms. Criticism was faced In the past to cancel and remove original programming, making shows inaccessible to viewers who felt connected to them. Fans can do it too. Save shows from cancellation. With dedicated social media campaigns in the past, there is therefore an incentive to make their voices heard.

In a press release, Adopt Our Crew said it aims to “inform stockholders, subscribers, customers and the general public about how recent initiatives [Warner Brothers Discovery] And Max is alienating the audience, as a result Loss of subscribers and profits.”

Representatives for Max have not yet responded to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment.

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