A new video reveals the moment Israeli soldiers rescued two of four Israeli hostages from Hamas custody on Saturday, June 8. They have been identified as Noah Argamani.26, Almog Mirjan, 21, Andrey Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Zev41.


Dramatic footage shows moment Israeli soldiers rescue Hamas hostages in heroic act (IDF)

New headcam footage released by the Israeli military shows the daring operation, where members of the navy’s elite Sheit 13 commando unit rushed to the scene in armored vehicles to free the hostages. The commandos were accompanied by tanks and were seen firing on Hamas terrorists. Soon a spot was secured for the troops to call in a helicopter from the sea.

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The video shows Israeli soldiers escorting Kozlov and John to the helicopter after it lands. The hostages are seen hanging on to the commandos for help.

After the rescue, the helicopter flew out of the Gaza Strip where they transported the hostages to Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv. Thus ended his eight-month ordeal.

The “high-risk” rescue mission was launched by the IDF, the elite counter-terrorism unit of the Israeli police and the Shin Bet intelligence unit by Israeli special forces in the central Gaza Nusirat refugee camp. Two buildings occupied by Hamas, where the hostages were held, were targeted.

The mission resulted in the death of an IDF commander, who played a key role in rescuing the hostages. Arnon Zamora Now hailed as a hero.

“Behind every rescue mission are Israeli men and women who risk their lives. We regret to inform you that YAMAM (National Police Counter-Terrorism Unit) Commander and Tactical Operator Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora, who this morning The hostages were seriously injured in the rescue operation and succumbed to their injuries.” Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Saturday at X.

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