Journalist Mike Pesca criticized an article published in a leading newspaper. Elon MuskLaunch of SpaceX. The news item detailed that the launch had destroyed several bird nests, and the journalist criticized the paper for making it the “most important” story of the day. The owner of SpaceX reacted to the post with a humorous comment.

Elon Musk founded and owns SpaceX, which develops and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. (file photo)

“If you’re not familiar with the grammar of the Times’ front page layout, here it is: the top right story is the lead story, the top left story is the sub-lead, everything else above the fold is the top story of the day. . The New Yorker today. The second top story, the Times says, is increasing pressure from senior congressional Dems to kick Biden out of the race.The third top story is a shocking French election result that defies all expectations “The most important story is Elon Musk’s successful space launch that destroyed nine bird nests,” Pesca wrote.

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Sharing again Viral Post, Elon Musk added, “To atone for this heinous crime, I will abstain from omelets for a week.”

Take a look at the post here:

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The share has gone viral since it was posted. It has received over 4.2 million views, and the number is only growing. The share has also garnered several comments.

What did X users say about Elon Musk’s comments?

“They also apparently buried the story about Boeing being fined for negligently causing multiple plane crashes that killed hundreds,” one X user posted. Elon Musk replied, “Yes, in the same newspaper, they buried the Boeing story where they killed hundreds of people.”

Another person added, “I’ll eat a double so you don’t mind.” A third posted, “What kind of birds?” A fourth wrote, “I’m eating eggs with every meal for the next week to combat this. You’re not getting off that easy.”

What are your thoughts on Elon Musk’s answer?

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