A robot working for the Gomi City Council in South Korea was recently found unresponsive at the bottom of a two-meter flight of stairs. Locals are calling it the country’s first robot “suicide”.

According to Daily Mail, the incident took place on June 20 around 4 pm. Eyewitnesses who saw the robot minutes before it “took its own life”, said the robot, dubbed ‘Robot Supervisor’, was behaving strangely and was “circling a place like There’s something there.”

Built by Bear Robotics, a California company, city council officials quickly collected pieces of the broken robot and sent it to the company for analysis, but the cause of its erratic behavior remains unclear. .

The robot also had an employee card and worked like other employees from 9 am to 4 pm. But unlike most robots that are limited to one floor, this one can easily navigate between floors and even call an elevator without any external help.

According to a Gomi city official, the robot “helped deliver daily documents, promote the city, and provide information” to residents and was “officially part of City Hall.” Local media were quick to pick up the story and published headlines asking if the robot’s workload had anything to do with its malfunction.

A festive offering

Commissioned in August last year, the robot supervisor was one of the first of its kind to be used in the city. The International Federation of Robotics says South Korea has the highest robot density in the world, with one industrial robot for every ten human employees. Asked if the city council would adopt another robot, the authority said there are currently no plans to replace the “deceased” robot supervisor.

This isn’t the first time a robot has met an untimely end. In 2017, a security robot named Steve is working in Washington, D.C. DC Reportedly “died by suicide” by drowning in a spring. However, on further investigation, it was found that the robot had dived into the water after slipping on the loose brick surface.

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