The Game of Thrones actor, 65, was allegedly asked to get vaped at the Tom Thumb pub on Friday, where he was reportedly asked to go to indulge in vaping.

Sean BeanHe was being asked to use a vaping device.

A bar in Liverpool witnessed a strange scene when Game of Thrones star Sean Bean struggled with a bouncer, before being forced down and carried out of the bar, allegedly against the rules. Against fever.

gave The 65-year-old actorKnown for his roles in various popular productions including “Sharp”, was reportedly enjoying a break from filming a new BBC drama in the city.

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On Friday, he was asked to leave the Tom Thumb pub after allegedly being involved in using vaping. According to reports, eyewitnesses claim that security personnel swung into action, and escorted him out of the establishment after a brief scuffle.

The incident has sparked curiosity among fans and spectators alike, raising questions about the social norms surrounding it. Vapors and public places. Although vaping is often considered a less harmful alternative to smoking, its acceptance varies across contexts and institutions.

Vaping has become increasingly prevalent in society, leading to debate about its regulation and social acceptance. Examples such as Bean’s encounter highlight the need for clear guidelines on vaping in public places and the responsibilities of both individuals and institutions in enforcing them.

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