ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos said Tuesday, July 9, that he believes. Joe Biden shall not be eligible to serve for a second term. It comes just days after an interview with the president after the presidential debate, where Biden’s performance was against. Donald Trump It was declared a disaster.

George Stephanopoulos makes dire predictions about Joe Biden’s political future after ABC interview (gstephanopoulos/Instagram, photographer: Graeme Sloan/Bloomberg)

TMZ recorded Stephanopoulos in midtown Manhattan answering a passerby’s question about the commander in chief’s political future. “Do you think Biden should resign?” the anonymous person asked the 63-year-old. “You’ve talked to him more than anyone else lately.”

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“I don’t think he can serve another four years,” Stephanopoulos replied after a pause.

“You don’t think he can serve another four years?” The questioner repeated. “Well, that’s an answer.”

George Stephanopoulos lamented.

However, hours after the video surfaced, Stephanopoulos told Pick News in a statement that he regretted the comment. “Before today I answered a passerby’s question. I should not be,” he said.

Meanwhile, ABC News said in a statement to the outlet, “George expressed his perspective and not the position of ABC News.”

Biden’s sit-down with Stephanopoulos raised concerns about his suitability for the presidency, as did his presidential debate performance. During the interview, Biden was unable to address concerns about his cognitive fitness to be president, claiming that the mistakes he often makes were just a “bad coincidence”.

“Look, I have a cognitive test every single day,” Biden told Stephanopoulos. “Every day, I have tests. Everything I do. You know, I’m not just running an election campaign, I’m running the world. And it’s not – it sounds like hyperbole, but we They are the central nation of the world.

Speaking about the calls to drop out of the race, Biden said in the interview, “If God came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I’d be out of the race, but God It’s not like that.”

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