Jennifer Winget has tapped into her globetrotter spirit, as seen in her latest Instagram post titled “Postcards from Barcelona” In several photos, Jennifer can be seen strolling through the quaint streets of the Spanish city. White dress. She began her tour of the site with her tourist pit stops at the Gothic Quarter and the artsy Folio Temple of the Sacred Heart, along with a sunny day at the beach. Jennifer’s travel companions were her go-to friends. The actress attended a salsa dance performance as well as had delicious meals at several restaurants.

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Like Jennifer Winget in Barcelona, ​​head to these 5 spots in the Spanish city on your next vacation here.

1. Basilica of Sagrada Familia

Blessed with artistic architecture, the Basilica of the Holy Family A must visit in Barcelona. The towering towers and carved pillars are quite impressive. There are also many images of Jesus and angelic creatures. The double staircase symbolizes the passage between heaven and earth.

2. Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is a modernist establishment that stands out for its ingenious craftsmanship. Stained glass windows, jaw-dropping curves and vibrant masonry create a fairytale-like scene, otherwise seen only in the movies.

3. Picasso Museum

To answer the call of your inner artist, visit the Picasso Museum. Famous artist Pablo Picasso’s artworks are displayed here. If you’re in Barcelona with your partner, this would be the perfect museum date.

4. La Rambla Market

For a local gastronomic adventure, step into the tree-lined street of La Rambla Market. You will find a range of foods such as poultry, eggs, olives, ham, bacon, fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, wild mushrooms and seafood.

5. Montjuic Castle

This magnificent castle is famous for its culturally rich museums, which house an impressive collection of works by Catalan artists. The breathtaking views with lush greenery will make for Insta-worthy photos.

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