Respectfully, I don’t care if you disagree, because I’ll perish on that hill. In my humble traveler’s opinion, Visiting the local grocery store When you’re traveling abroad, a country tour can be far more insightful and culturally relevant Top attractions.

Of course, if you are in Paris for the first time. It is necessary See the Eiffel Tower—but what does it teach you about French culture and traditions? Not much, if you ask me! On the other hand, a visit to a local grocery store or market in Paris can introduce you to French cuisine, and introduce you to the taste of the entire country through new aromas, foods and spices. In a way, it is no different from visiting a Moroccan souq and is considered a cultural experience.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who enjoys dilly-dallying in international grocery stores. On TikTok, grocery store tourism is trending right now, with travelers using the platform to make a point: visiting grocery stores is, at the end of the day, nothing short of tourism.

“It may be controversial, but I think the best thing to do while traveling is to go to the grocery store,” said one viral TikTok poster, who pretended to be a foreign visitor at a store in Malaysia. To sum up the shopping experience. . “Going to the grocery store can technically count as sightseeing, right? Because it’s not only a cultural experience, but also a lot to bring back as souvenirs. can be found.”

Another TikTok — and many others just like it — emphatically agree. “Checking out grocery stores in different countries IS visiting tourist spots,” reads the overtext in bold orange letters. In the video, the posters show themselves and their friends walking around a supermarket — reportedly, a Spanish one — as they marvel at products they can’t find in their home country. One of them, for example, is a special kind of Monster energy drink, which comes in a red container and its flavor is called “Ultra Red”.

If you don’t get the hype, I understand. Everyone has their own small pocket of tourism! However, grocery store tourism can uncover many gems for you—especially if you’re looking for unique experiences to partake in while traveling abroad.

In case you’ve found yourself running out of things to do on a rainy day in Düsseldorf, Germany, you might want to check out. A certain grocery store there. Not only will you come out of your visit with plenty of it. Pure giftsbut you may be able to snack, eat and drink champagne. During Also grocery shopping there.

“The best grocery store in the world is in Dusseldorf, Germany and you can’t convince me otherwise,” the viral TikTok poster said. “Welcome to Edeka Zurheider and it’s the craziest supermarket I’ve ever stepped foot in.”

In the video, the poster then describes all the wild amenities of the German grocery store. Champagne bar for grocery breaks? Check. A jamon sampling station? Check. A mozzarella bar for a “snack break”? Check. A wine tasting cube? Check. A Michelin-starred restaurant? You guessed it – check this out too.

As well as being a cultural activity, grocery store shopping can be its own little luxury experience—and America knows it all too well. It’s no coincidence that popular luxury grocery stores like Eriohan based in California They’re having their moment right now: It’s just another (great) aspect of grocery store tourism.

On TikTok, some users claim to have taken (or are very close to taking) flights to Los Angeles primarily to visit the viral supermarket and try its viral products, including the Internet-famous Halle Bieber Smoothie. .

Influencers are even getting on board with this trend. Be Better, a TikToker known for his brutally honest marketing reviews of influencers and their products, did this too, and then hopped on social media to mention his experience.

“I just took a six-hour flight to Los Angeles just to check out the smooth stuff you guys won’t stop talking about,” he says in the video. They then proceed to tell how much they shared for three smoothies: $88.

Such an approach with Eriohan seems to have different implications for travel than, say, trips to international supermarkets. However, upon closer inspection, both activities provide the same kind of cultural insight into a region. While a supermarket in Malaysia can educate you on what spices the locals like to use, a luxury supermarket in Los Angeles can shed light on the local economy.

As one user sarcastically put it in a comment under Bbetter’s video, “‘Do people in Los Angeles like to waste money?’ Yes.”

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