Bus Weeks after Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah released the first drone footage of Israeli military installations, a second high-definition drone footage has surfaced online showing the intensity and full extent of the war. There is a risk of

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On July 9, the Hezbollah militant group (allegedly backed by Iran) released drone footage showing Israeli military installations and infrastructure sites on the Golan Heights, which are under Israeli administration. Is.

The drone footage includes images and coordinates of sensitive military targets inside northern Israel. It has been widely shared among militant groups on social media and on messaging apps such as Telegram. According to some ReportsThe nearly 10-minute video was captured by a drone flying over Israeli intelligence bases, command centers and military camps, known as Captured Golan Heights in Syria.

This appears to be the second drone operation launched by Hezbollah. Hezbollah last month Continued The nine-minute-and-thirty-second video was recorded by its spy drones at several locations in Israel, including Haifa’s port and airport.

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The distance between Haifa and the Lebanese border is 27 km, and Hezbollah leaders have said that their spy drones often fly over Haifa.

Israeli installation-recording drones are called ‘Hopo’ and were responsible for recording footage of Israeli infrastructure in June 2024. It is worth noting that despite Israel’s multi-layered air defense system, these small drones seem to bypass the Israeli Air Force. Defense network again.

Hezbollah routinely sends both surveillance and attack drones into Israel. Spy drones that record Israeli military installations and collect coordinates later aid in attacks.

The latest footage is significant because it comes days after the armed group said it was. Drone attack July 7 against an Israeli military intelligence base on Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights.

The group alleged in a statement that the long-range technical and electronic observation post on Mount Hermon in occupied Syria’s Golan Heights was hit by an airstrike by “a swarm of explosive drones”.

In response to the attack, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) started Counterattack on buildings used by Hezbollah in South Lebanon.

Rising tensions between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah have fueled fears of a major escalation and perhaps an all-out war. Amid the growing threat of conflict, several countries have evacuated their citizens from Lebanon and the US Pentagon has warned of disaster.

Indeed, Harrison Mann, a former Defense Intelligence Agency major who left the service over US support for Israel’s invasion of Gaza, told the Guardian that if another catastrophic war between Israel and Lebanon broke out, America will join the regional conflict.

Despite the warnings, both sides are engaged in continuous firing on each other. For its part, the Hezbollah group has opposed Israel’s bloody campaign against Gaza, which it has described as genocide. He recently made one A bold statement He said that Hamas’s attack on Israel was a prelude to the destruction of Israel.

So far, there’s no indication that the enemies will end anytime soon. Against this backdrop, a Hezbollah group recording sensitive Israeli military installations is being seen as a prelude to blinding Israel by avoiding Tel Aviv’s sophisticated surveillance and air defense technology, which is widely recognized in the world. Has been declared as the best.

Screen grab from Hezbollah video

According to reports, Hezbollah is blinding Israel.

In a recent report Reuters He said he had been informed by sources that after Israeli airstrikes killed senior commanders, Hezbollah had resorted to low-tech tactics in an attempt to evade its adversary’s sophisticated surveillance equipment.

In what Hezbollah chief Seyed Hassan Nasrallah has described as a “blind” campaign against Israel, it is using its technology, particularly its drones, to probe and target Israel’s intelligence-gathering capabilities. Is.

Israel maintains that it has killed several Hezbollah operatives in October 2023 in strikes launched by the militant group for “unprovoked” attacks on Israeli soil. Cameras and remote sensing equipment were targeted at Hezbollah hotspots. Israel is believed to be one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to electronic eavesdropping, which involves hacking computers and cellphones.

However, according to a Reuters report, Hezbollah has changed its strategy after recognizing its failures. Cell phones—which can be used to track a user’s location—have been outlawed in combat zones in favor of more traditional forms of communication, such as pagers and messengers that are personal, according to two sources. Communicate verbally.

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Hezbollah has also reportedly been using a private fixed-line communications network dating back to the early 2000s. A person familiar with the group’s operations claimed that code phrases used for weapons and meeting places were overheard. According to sources, these are updated almost every day and sent to the units through couriers.

The group is developing its ability to gather intelligence on hostile targets and launch its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) weapons against Israeli surveillance installations.

Along with the two videos posted by the group, Hezbollah also released another video containing aerial photos it said it had taken on May 15, the day before the drone strike, under the name Skydive. The famous Israeli observation balloon was taken.

While these details could not be independently verified, the Eurasian Times understands that there is widespread evidence and claims on social media that point to a war strategy being developed within Hezbollah’s ranks.

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