Police have arrested a Brazilian drug dealer after eluding law enforcement for two years. According to reports, this all happened when his wife started posting on Instagram praising her husband’s wealth. Interestingly, this is not the first time that A social media The post landed the drug lord, Ronald Rowland, in a sticky situation. Police once arrested a 50-year-old man based on a post shared by his ex-wife.

The wife of a Brazilian drug lord has been showing off her husband’s lavish trips to Paris, Dubai, the Maldives on Instagram. (Insplash/Solan Faisa)

“A fugitive drug lord has been arrested after his wife revealed his location in an Instagram post. Ronald Rowland, who allegedly had ties to drug cartels in Mexico and made $900 million over the past five years. Dollar Laundry, was on the run for two years before being arrested in Brazil when his wife, Andreza De Lima, tagged his lunch location on Instagram. De Lima owned a bikini shop, one of 100 businesses was one that Rowland used to launder money, and was often posted on the platform,” the Daily Mail wrote, sharing a video.

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A montage of different visuals, the video Shows a drug lord and his family on vacation.

What was the reaction on social media?

People had a lot to say about the news of the arrest that made its way to social media. Just like the person who wrote, “Attention is an addiction. Another added, “Couldn’t be more stupid.” A third commented, “How was his account? I’ll be scared.”

Ricardo Ruiz, a federal police officer, told Fant√°stico that “there are advertisements for bikinis, but whether the bikini was enough to buy a multi-million dollar airplane or a luxury vehicle is another question.” Metro.

“We found partners of companies, for example, who work in a restaurant, but who are partners in several companies that transferred tens of millions of reals,” added Ruiz.

“He is a very careful person. The PF had several operations that investigated criminal organizations significantly involved in drug trafficking throughout South and Central America and Mexico, and Ronald was involved in these operations with major drug traffickers. An investigation was conducted for association,” the federal police officer said. Mirror.

According to reports, Ronald and his wife, who are under investigation for his possible involvement, declined to discuss the matter and issued a statement saying they would not comment at this time.

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