WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Hunter Biden’s ex-wife was called to testify in his federal gun trial Wednesday as prosecutors sought to reveal the depths of his drug problem. Which he says was still going on when he filled out a form to buy. A firearm

Hunter Biden and Kathleen Bohle had been married for almost 20 years. They have three children and divorced in 2016 after his infidelity and drug use became too much, according to her memoir, “If We Break,” about the dissolution of their marriage.

Bohle testified that she discovered her husband was using drugs when she found a crack pipe in an ashtray on their porch on July 3, 2015, the day after their birthday. When she confronted him, “he admitted to smoking addiction,” she said.

Even before meeting him, Bohle suspected Hunter was using drugs, as he had previously been discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine.

“I was definitely worried, scared,” she said.

They are among several of Biden’s family and friends expected to take the witness stand in what has quickly become a highly personal and detailed tour of Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing and drug use. are unfolding as action 2024 presidential election looms, and Allies worry about the damage it will do to the president., who is deeply concerned about the health and stability of his only living son. Prosecutors say the testimony is important to show Hunter Biden’s state of mind when he bought the gun.

First lady Jill Biden went to court for the third day in a row to support Hunter. His visit to France to meet with President Joe Bidenwho was in Europe for the D-Day anniversary.

What to know about the 2024 election

Hunter Biden has been. Charged with three felonies Born in October 2018 from gun purchases. He is accused of lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, falsely claiming on an application that he was not a drug user and illegally possessing a gun for 11 days.

As evidence of his drug use at the time of the purchase, prosecutors showed jurors dozens of Hunter Biden pages. Memoir, “Pretty Things,” Written after his sobriety in 2021. They also listened to lengthy audio excerpts from the book, which trace its descent. His brother’s deathBeau Biden, from cancer in 2015 and bought a gun, though it doesn’t specifically mention the weapon.

Defense attorney Abby Lovell has said Hunter Biden was in a different state of mind when he wrote the book than he was when he bought the gun, when he didn’t believe he was intoxicated. And prosecutors must prove he had a drug problem when he filled out the document at the time of purchase.

Jurors previously heard from FBI agent Erika Jensen, whose job it was to prove that Hunter Biden had a drug problem when he bought the gun in October 2018. Lowell looked at a large number of Hunter’s texts to prove that there were certain messages that he contained. Seeking or using drugs in the weeks before the gun purchase. He also raised questions about how the FBI could prove that Hunter was being truthful with the Biden family when he texted about seeking or using drugs.

And he pointed to several liquor store purchases in October 2018, the month Hunter Biden bought the gun. Lovell has suggested that references to “relapses” in his memoirs refer to alcohol use, not drug use.

Lovell also asked Jensen about text message exchanges that prosecutors say show evidence of Hunter Biden’s drug use in 2018 and 2019. But Lowell pointed to a text sent in November 2018 in which he admitted: “I’m an alcoholic.”

It comes after the Delaware trial ended. A plea deal with prosecutors That would have settled the gun issue and a separate California tax issue and avoided the spectacle of a lawsuit. Hunter Biden has since pleaded not guilty and said he was being unfairly targeted by the Justice Department, after Republicans sought a now-defunct plea deal for the Democratic president’s son as a sweetheart deal. criticized the agreement.

The 12-person panel heard opening statements Tuesday and testimony from Jensen, who read aloud some of Hunter Biden’s personal messages, including some from a laptop he left at a Delaware repair shop. were and were never recovered. In 2020, List made its way to the Republicans and was leaked publicly, revealing some very personal messages about his work and his life. He has since filed a lawsuit over the leaked information.

Prosecutors asked if there was any evidence the laptop had been tampered with, and Jensen said no. But under questioning from Lovell, he also admitted that there was no way to verify whether it had been altered.

Judge Marylin Norica gave Lovell a short leash for questioning the laptop’s authenticity during the trial, saying she would not allow her courtroom to become home to Russian conspiracy theories.

Jurors will hear testimony from James Biden, the president’s brother, who is close to Hunter and has helped his nephew through rehab in the past. They’ll also hear how Beau Biden’s widow, Hailey Biden, became addicted to crack during a brief relationship with Hunter after her husband’s death.

Haley takes the gun from Hunter and throws it in the trash at a nearby market, afraid of what he will do with it. The weapon was later found by someone collecting bins and eventually handed over to the police.

If convicted, Hunter Biden faces up to 25 years in prison, though first-time offenders don’t get anywhere near the maximum, and it’s unclear whether a judge will give him time behind bars. Or not.

The trial is taking place shortly after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. 34 were convicted of crimes. in New York City. The two criminal cases are unrelated, but their proximity underscores how the courts have taken center stage during the 2024 campaign.

Hunter Biden also faces trial in California in September. Allegations of failure to pay $1.4 million in taxes.


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