The situation with TikTok in the United States is not easy to resolve, especially during an election period. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have promised to completely ban the social network if they win the election. The latter has created a profile and achieved the impossible: 3.5 million followers With just one video, at the peak of his legal troubles… and, paradoxically, his popularity.

Tick, tick, trump

In the video, he says just one sentence (“It’s an honor for me”), enough for it to have been viewed by more than 64 million people worldwide with 153,000 comments. His love-hate relationship with social media is legendary, and TikTok could be an ideal place to convince younger and more skeptical voters.. The elections are only five months away and they have to use all the advertising tactics, after all.

Joe Biden is also on TikTok, but he’s only managed to amass 350,000 followers in just months, with videos that usually don’t exceed a million views… and The comments are clearly pro-Trump.. There is still a long way to go, but if TikTok helps – as it seems – the career of the former president, will he dare to ban it later? Right now there are only doubts… and very, very little certainty.

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