Summer is here and that means one thing: summer road trips. And luckily, gas prices are dropping just in time to plan an epic cross-country adventure.

Prices at the pump have been trending lower recently, and last week saw the biggest weekly drop of the year with the national average coming in at just $3.48 per gallon. According to the AAA. On Monday, prices Dropped As low as $3.45.

“This drop in pump prices appears to have some staying power right now,” AAA spokesman Andrew Gross said in a statement. “More states should see their average drop below $3 per gallon in the coming weeks.”

Of course, not every state is equal when it comes to low prices. Mississippi is the least expensive state with an average of just $2.94 per gallon to fill up on gas. Next was Oklahoma, where gas averaged $2.95 per gallon, and both Arkansas and Texas, where drivers will pay an average of $2.97 per gallon.

At the other end of the spectrum is California, which has the highest prices in the nation with an average gallon coming in at $4.93. The next highest is Hawaii, where the average price of a gallon is $4.75, followed by Washington, where you can get a gallon for an average of $4.41.

In the Northeast, New Hampshire is the cheapest state to fill up with gas averaging $3.38 per gallon, while Pennsylvania is the most expensive with gas averaging $3.67 per gallon.

Low prices at the pump mean summer road trips are easy, and there’s plenty to do. Incredible routes to choose fromSuch as Maui’s lush cliff-lined Road to Hana, the scenic Great Smoky Mountains Blue Ridge Parkway, and Florida’s US 1, an ocean-going highway that runs through the stunning blue ocean all the way to Key West. .

If gas prices are too volatile, so can travelers. Plan a trip in an electric vehicle And even can Rent it and test it out. Before committing to buying one.

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