1. It’s more mind games than maturity in the latest escalation of tensions between North and South Korea. South Korea announced that it would resume loudspeaker broadcasts of anti-North Korean messages over the border after North Korea sent 330 additional balloons filled with trash and sewage to South Korea. My question is, who are those poor North Korean souls who had to fill those balloons?

2. World 2024 List The 50 Greatest Restaurants has been issued, and only one American establishment made the cut. Coming in at number six. Atomics in New York City. My two takeaways after looking at the menu – 1. There are things on the menu I’ve never heard of before and 2. No price – so really, if you have to ask how much it is, So you obviously can’t afford it. Eat there

3. A Texas man has lost 45 pounds in 3 months thanks to a new surgery that involves magnets. After diet and exercise didn’t work, Kenneth Yared agreed to become the first person in Texas to use the Levita Magnetic Surgical System (MARS). This procedure is giving better results with less surgical incision and faster recovery time.

4. No surprise here, but Hollywood is caught in yet another lie. You will not sink to the sands of your death. The revelation came after a woman was walking with her husband on a beach in Maine when she sank up to her hips in sand. Supersaturated sand will keep you happy while being frizz-free, according to experts. Her husband helps her in this matter.

5. The writing is clearly on the wall at this point. As much as I was cheering for “Bennifer” to finally work this time, there are clear signs that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are headed for divorce. Sure, Jennifer’s mysterious cancellation of the tour was a red flag, but now the couple is selling the mansion they bought together nearly a year ago, then getting married again. After all these years, it seems Ben still isn’t ready to put the toilet seat down.

And it’s trending.

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