1. Today marks the 80th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France during World War II, the largest amphibious assault in history. President Joe Biden and dozens of other heads of state are scheduled to attend commemorations along a 50-mile stretch of northern France. About 200 veterans, with an average age of 100, will be in attendance.

2. The Boeing Starliner carrying 2 crew members was successfully launched yesterday and will dock with the International Space Station at 11:15 am today. Even just in a nick of time because they are carrying a part. Repair the station’s urine processor. That processor is a key part of NASA’s water recovery system, which enables the station to recycle 98 percent of its water. I’ve had to stop it for a long time on a road trip before but this is crazy.

3. YouTube is restricting some inappropriate content for young users. The company announced that starting June 18, content displaying homemade firearms, automatic firearms and certain accessories will be age-restricted. Content showing how to remove safety devices will also be banned under the new rules.

4. Taking a flight in the next couple of days, you may not want to order tea or coffee if it’s your “go”. According to sources, things like coffee and tea use water from the onboard water storage tank, which is rarely cleaned. I mean, when was the last time you cleaned and descaled your Keurig? The rule should always be bottled water, not from the ‘tap’ when on board.

5. And roll the DVR, Travis Kelce is on GMA this morning and he has a lot to say about why he’s living the dream. That’s not what you’re all talking about. The shirt Travis is wearing is flying off the internet shelves, it’s from ASOS and it’s only $40. …and it’s trending.

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