New York-based neurologist Dr. Tom Pitts, who specializes in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, has claimed that Joe Biden exhibits “classic features of neurodegeneration.” Pitts evaluated the president based on his public appearances.

Parkinson’s doctor says Joe Biden exhibits classic features of neurodegeneration (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) (AP)

“I could diagnose it from the whole mall,” Pitts told NBC News Now’s ‘Top Story with Tom Lamas.’

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“I’m a Democrat, it’s just like that — this guy’s not a hard case,” he added. “I see him in the clinic 20 times a day.”

“He has the classic features of neurodegeneration, word-finding difficulties, and it’s not, ‘Oh, I can’t find the word,’ it’s from degeneration of the word retrieval area,” Pitts continued.

Pitts further pointed to Biden’s “shuffling maneuver … such small steps.” “Hardly a loss of arm swing…and end-block turning, meaning they pivot around their feet,” he added.

Pitts said he could not judge whether the commander-in-chief had diminished cognitive abilities because he had never been in the same room with him. The doctor required both Biden and Donald Trump to take a four-hour neurological test, calling it a “hallmark test for cognitive performance.”

Parkinson’s specialist visits the White House

Concerns arose after. Parkinson’s specialist Dr. Kevin Kennard was spotted visiting the White House at least eight times in just eight months. however, Joe Biden’s The doctor Dr. Kevin O’Connor recently Clarified that Kennard “was the neurologist who examined President Biden at each of his annual physicals.”

In a letter, O’Connor said Kennard’s frequent visits to the White House did not represent tests of Biden. The doctor, he said, is also responsible for caring for other people in the White House, including “many military personnel” who “experience neurological problems related to their service.”

Back in February, O’Connor said in a letter that Biden had been examined by a neurologist as part of his annual physical exam, which found no signs of Parkinson’s in the president. The report added that Biden, 81, “was fit for duty and fully performed all of his duties without waivers or accommodations.”

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