In the latest embarrassment, Joe Biden Said during a radio interview that she was proud to be the first “black woman to serve with a black president” as America celebrated. Independence Day.

US President Joe Biden told a radio interview that he was proud to be the first black woman to serve alongside a black president.

It comes between a A series of gaffes From the US president, who is under a lot of scrutiny after his disastrous performance in the presidential debates. During an interview with Philadelphia’s WURD radio station, the commander-in-chief twisted his words and aligned himself with his own vice president. Kamala Harris.

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“Well, I’m proud, as I said, to be the first vice president, the first black woman … to serve with a black president,” she said of her time as Barack Obama’s vice president. He said.

However, this meant that he worked with Kamala Harris, who became the first black vice president in 2020, and Barack Obama, who became the first black US president in 2008.

Listen to the President of the United States on WURD radio station.

Biden Appears After ‘Failure’ Radio Debate

It didn’t end there –

In another radio interview on The Earl Ingram Show, aimed at a black audience in Wisconsin, Biden gave a response that referenced a recent Supreme Court decision granting Trump substantial immunity from prosecution.

He said: “You need somebody to make sure that — the Supreme Court just issued a decision, by the way, that threatens the American principle that we have no kings in America. The law. There is none beyond.

Earlier, he had made the reference during the Fourth of July celebrations as well. Donald Trump as his running mate And grumbled about the road not being crowded.

After one ‘failed’ debate and two not-so-charming radio interviews, Biden will sit down TV interview for ABC Newswill air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET.

While Biden’s defenders say he has long slurred words, he often seemed lost during his 90-minute debate last week. He later admitted to Democratic governors that he had undergone a medical examination in the wake of last week’s disastrous debate and insisted he was in good health.

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