President Joe Biden has once again fueled controversy with outlandish claims during a recent interview with ABC. After his debacle with the former president Donald Trump In what he attributed to a ‘bad night’ — Biden engaged in a lengthy discussion with the interviewer. Most of which he tried to dodge and resist. He highlighted the reasons why he should return to the White House and that he goes through a ‘cognitive test’ every day.

Joe Biden claimed to have invented the computer chip during an interview.

President Joe Biden gestures as he arrives on Air Force One at Dane County Regional Airport to attend a campaign rally, Friday, July 5, 2024, in Madison, Wis. (AP Photo/Manuel Balas Senata)

“We used to own 40 percent of computer chips. We invented the chip, the mini-chip, the computer chip. It’s in everything from cell phones to weapons. Biden At one point, ABC host George Stephanopoulos was heard to say when asked, “Can you serve effectively for the next four years?”

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Biden’s responses during the interview were marked by a stilted, tired tone, where his frequent mid-sentence pauses made it difficult to follow his train of thought. At times, he completely ignored questions in favor of making clumsy claims about his achievements, mental fitness and polling numbers. It sounded more like a rambling speech than a focused interview.

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“I’m the guy who put NATO together, the future. No one thought I could grow it. I’m the guy who’s locked up.” Putin No one down there thought this could happen. I’m the guy who started the South Pacific initiative with AUKUS. I’m the guy who got 50 countries out not only in Europe but outside of Europe to help Ukraine,” he added.

Joe Biden claims to take a cognitive test every single day.

Ever since POTUS decided to run for re-election, a major public concern and a boon for the opposition has been his apparently deteriorating mental health. However, Biden himself is not satisfied with this claim. Despite repeated public engagements, he has gone into denial mode. ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked the 81-year-old president if he had “ever had a full neurological and cognitive evaluation” as concerns about Biden’s mental and physical abilities mount during the November election.

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“I take a full neurological exam with me every day and I’ve had a full physical,” Biden responded. He added, “I had, you know, I mean – I’ve been at Walter Reed for my physicals. I mean, yeah.”

Next, Stephanopoulos inquired whether the president had consulted a neurologist or any specialist for a medical examination. To which he replied, “No one said I had to.” “They say I’m good.”

The interview marked an unusual and decidedly unscripted public appearance for Biden, drawing much criticism after his debate performance. In an attempt to explain his poor performance, he claimed that he was suffering from extreme exhaustion and a recent illness that led doctors to test him for CoVID-19.

Interestingly, despite mentioning the medical diagnosis, he remained silent on the possibility of a neurological examination. Refusing to undergo an independent evaluation before the election and share the results with voters, he insisted, “I have a cognitive test every day. Whatever I do, I’m not just running a campaign. I run the world.”

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