Heavy rain is continuing in the country.

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A Korean man tragically lost his life inside a flooded elevator in the basement of an office building in Nonsan.

Flooded building 2

Reports from Yonhap News And on June 10, other sources indicate that the disaster occurred at around 3 am in the second basement of the office building. The fire department received a distress call from the man, who was trapped in the elevator, desperately pleading for help.

Firefighters are doing the rescue.
Aid activities across South Korea. | SBS

Emergency responders rushed to the scene and began draining water from the building, which had previously flooded to the basement level. Despite their efforts, they only find the man’s body inside the elevator.

A fire department official told MBC News that extensive flooding up to basement level had significantly hampered drainage efforts, making rescue operations extremely difficult.

City drainage
Drainage works. | Nonsan City

Currently, police and fire officials are working to identify the victim and determine the exact circumstances that led to this tragic accident.

Meanwhile, the central regions of South Korea, especially where the incident occurred, are experiencing severe weather. Heavy rains of more than 70 mm per hour overnight have caused widespread damage and disruption. In some cases—like today—they have even caused death.

heavy rains sk cnn
Heavy rain in South Korea, image for illustrative purposes only. | CNN

President Yoon Suk YulHe was briefed on the situation while visiting the US to attend the NATO summit. He directed all available resources to prioritize rescue efforts and damage prevention, stressing the importance of saving lives during the ongoing heavy rains.

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